5x205 Wheels for VW Aircooled

Discover our selection of 5x205 wheels for your VW Bug, Bus, Karmann & others aircooled volkswagen : Sprinstar, 5 spokes, DSR, Dune, Escra and more

Escra style wheels

17" escra wheels 5x205 on a red vw bug
17" escra wheels 5x205 on vw T1 pickup bus
Green vw aircooled beetle on 17" escra wheels 5x205
5x205 escra wheel for VW aircooled bus, bug, KG, Type3

About the Escra style

The wheel is available in machined finish with the center painted in a shiny gloss black.

Onze size is available : 17", 7 wide, ET 30 PCD 5x205

DSR wheels

15" dsr wheels 5x205 on a brown vw bug
split bus vw on dsr wheels by raw classics
15" rdw style wheels 5x205 on a green vw bug
  • PCD

    PCD 5x205 is a standard on aircooled VW produced before '68 : Beetle, Split Bus, Karmann, Type 3 & 181

  • Size

    Wheels in 15x5.5 & 15x5 can be mounted on any 5x205 aircooled car whether lowered or original

  • Others PCD fitment

    If you want to mount our 5x205 wheels on a car with 4x130 or 5x112 PCD you can always use some wheels adapters

VW Type 3

15" dsr wheels 5x205 on a red vw type 3 notchback
white fastback aircooled vw on dsr wheels
type 3 squareback vw on 15" dsr in pcd 5x205

VW 181 on DSR wheels

vw 181 with dsr wheels
15" DSR RDW wheels on a aircooled 181
grey 181 VW lowered on DSR wheels
  • Specifications

    • Size : 15"
    • Width : 5.5"
    • ET : 20
    • PCD 5x205
  • Suitable for

    Our wheels fits all the aircooled Volkswagen & Porsche with a 5x250 PCD : Beetle, Split bus, T2a bus, Karmann ghia, Type 3 & 181.

  • Machined finish

    A thin layer of metal is shaved off the wheel face for a bright shine, leaving small lines. The rest of the wheel is painted in gloss black