Raw DSR 15" on Volkswagen Bug

Discover here some VW Beetle with our DSR 15" wheels 

Volkswagen Bug on air ride equiped with our 15" DSR wheels from France

Volkswagen Bug with 15" DSR Wheels

'60 Volkswagen Bug on air ride equiped with our 15" DSR wheels from Belgium

'60 VW Bug on DSR wheels

 Volkswagen Bug on air ride equiped with 15" DSR wheels from Belgium

vw bug on dsr wheels

Yellow Volkswagen Bug  from Brasil with DSR wheelsyellow vw bug from brasil with raw dsr wheels

Technical of the  wheels are available on the Raw DSR 15" product detail page

The History of the Iron Cross Wheels Designed by Dave Deal

The history of the Iron Cross wheels, created by Dave Deal, is a fascinating journey spanning several decades, marking an indelible impact of innovation and creativity in the world of automotive customization.

The Beginnings: The 1960s

In the 1960s, Dave Deal, an artist and automotive designer renowned for his humorous drawings and innovative concepts, collaborated with EMPI (European Motor Products Inc.), a well-known company in the manufacture of parts and accessories for Volkswagen. At that time, EMPI was seeking new designs to expand its product line, and Dave Deal was hired to create a prototype wheel.

The Creation of the Iron Cross Prototype

Dave Deal designed a unique prototype wheel for EMPI, known as the "Iron Cross" due to its distinctive cross-shaped design. This design stood out for its bold aesthetics and eye-catching appeal while offering optimized performance through the use of lightweight and durable materials.

EMPI's Decision and Shelving the Design

Although Dave Deal's Iron Cross prototype was impressive, EMPI ultimately decided not to market it. Instead, they chose another design that would later become known as the "EMPI Rader." As a result, the Iron Cross design was shelved and forgotten, kept only as a prototype.

Rediscovery: 40 Years Later

Forty years later, the Iron Cross wheel prototype was rediscovered by Dave Cormack, an enthusiast of classic cars and VW parts. Cormack took photographs of the prototype, rekindling interest in this unique and long-forgotten design.

Unauthorized Production

Using Cormack's photographs, an individual named Boris copied the Iron Cross wheel design and began manufacturing them without Dave Deal's permission. These wheels, though unofficial, started circulating among VW enthusiasts, drawing attention for their distinctive style.

Legitimatizing the Design

The following year, Randee, another enthusiast of VW and collectible parts, contacted Dave Deal to obtain permission to produce the Iron Cross wheel. Not only did Dave Deal give his consent, but Randee also managed to acquire the original prototype. This acquisition legitimized the production of the Iron Cross wheels, ensuring they adhered to Deal's initial design and vision.

Production and Legacy

Under Randee's supervision and with Dave Deal's approval, the Iron Cross wheels were produced to modern quality standards while preserving their original design. These wheels became highly sought after among collectors and classic Volkswagen enthusiasts, celebrated for their unique history and distinctive aesthetics.

The Passing of Randee

Sadly, the story took a somber turn with the passing of Randee. His death marked the end of an era for the Iron Cross wheels' revival. Randee's dedication to preserving and promoting Dave Deal's original design was instrumental in bringing these iconic wheels back to life. His contributions to the VW customization community are remembered fondly, and his legacy continues through the enduring popularity of the Iron Cross wheels.

The Existence of Replicas

In addition to the officially sanctioned Iron Cross wheels, replicas of the design have also appeared on the market. While these replicas may lack the exclusivity of the original and authorized versions, they provide an affordable option for enthusiasts who wish to own a piece of this iconic design. These replicas have made the Iron Cross wheels accessible to a wider audience, ensuring that more people can enjoy the distinctive style and historical significance of Dave Deal's creation.